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Welcome to the Calgary Hunt Club. The Club has been meeting since 1908 and continues to do so every year. It provides a fantastic forum to exercise the cross country abilities of both horse and rider. The club strives to uphold the traditions of British fox hunting, providing challenging courses and an opportunity for a more formal equine day out with friends. The club meets several times each season, at several locations, for formal hunts in the great Tradition of fox hunting.

  • Tradition
    Part of the fun of cross country, is jumping over obstacles! The club has constructed many jumps designed by experienced jumpers to challenge the novice and expert alike. It is possible to ride around all jumps
  • Horsmanship
    The club provides unique venues where riders can fully exlore the capabilities of themselves and their steeds
  • Jumping
    The Calgary Hunt club provides an authentic equine environment to enjoy cross country jumping. All jumps have a way around and beginners are not expected to jump everything.

Do We Hunt Foxes ?

Traditionally, fox hunting involved hunting actual foxes. Despite a significant number of foxes around Calgary, the club does not hunt them. We do however hunt the occasional “drink stop” and definitely seek to have a good time.